Tazikers Branding

Taziker's Restaurant & Pub recently opened in Port Hardy, BC. We were asked to develop a logo that captured the spirit of the family name and location.

The logo was designed to resemble a family crest. The mountains and trees represent the natural surroundings of the area where the restaurant is located. Five mountains were made to symbolize the siblings of the owner's parents. The typography and font were designed to resemble an Old English style, yet remain legible. The "A" in particular was designed to give homage to the Masonic symbol of the Freemasons, which the Grand Father of the owner was strongly active in. A bear was placed in the logo since it represents the owner who has always been fond of them. It is also an animal that is native to the region.

  • Category : Branding
  • Client : Taziker's Resteraunt & Pub

In May of this year, we were given the opportunity to open our own restaurant in beautiful Port Hardy, BC on Northern Vancouver Island. We knew right away that we wanted to name the restaurant "Taziker’s" to honour Joe’s family name. Neither of us are very creative, and we knew David was an incredible artist, so we approached him to see if he would be able to design a logo for our new place. All we told him was that we wanted it to embody both our love for Joe’s family history as well as our passion for this island we call home. Within a few days, he sent us a draft that sent us reeling. Although we knew how talented he was, we were amazed at how perfectly he had captured exactly what we wanted. When he told us that was just the rough draft and he would work on the final version we were awed by the fact that it would look even better than it already did. The following week when he sent us the finished product, in several different formats, we immediately shared it with family, friends, and our soon-to-be staff. The response was incredible, everyone is in love with the logo and can’t wait for us to put it on t-shirts so they can buy one. I have overheard so many guests ask about the logo, what it means, where the inspiration came from. We are so proud to share that David Duke from Windsor, Ontario put this masterpiece together for us. Every detail included in it symbolizes something about our family, and we honestly couldn’t have asked for a better product. Thank you so much David for your vision and creating this perfect logo for our restaurant!

Angie and Joe Taziker